Hot Pod Summer w/ Jamaal and Jasmine

IT'S SUMMER SESSION! It’s the last day of the semester. We H.A.G.S. (Had a great summer lol). We laughed. We cried. Jasmine edited her face. Jamaal made the calls. Most importantly, YOU listened and Studio Noize thanks you! Now, let’s cut up at this BBQ and talk at great length about Megan Pete AKA Megan Thee Stallion AKA Young Tina Snow AKA The H-Town Hottie AKA Hot Girl Meg! Studio Noize clearly stans Megan Pete. We explore the idea of performance, misogyny in hip-hop, and the autonomy of women. We also reflect on the summer and moving forward with the podcast. 

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Song Credits

  1. Megan Thee Stallion’s XXL 2019 Freshman Freestyle (Youtube)

  2. Megan Thee Stallion - Hood Rat Shit (Hot Girl Summer)

  3. Tameka Norris as “Meka Jean” - Still A Life (YouTube)

  4. Megan Thee Stallion - Run It Up Freestyle (Hot Girl Summer)

  5. Megan Thee Stallion - Best You Ever Had (Hot Girl Summer)

  6. Megan Thee Stallion - Shake That (Hot Girl Summer)

Jasmine Williams