Writings on the Wall w/ Spencer Stultz

IT'S SUMMER SESSION! We have our first returning guest, Spencer Stultz! *kicks Jas under the table for air horns* We are so thrilled to have her back on the show. Spencer has graduated from Syracuse University with a Masters in Arts and Pan-African Studies and we couldn’t be more proud. We discuss her thesis, Aesthetic Liberation: Contemporary Black Visual Art and Typologies of Activism in Atlanta, as well as her time in grad school and what’s next. Check out episode 4 of the show, We Can Be Heroes w/ Spencer Stultz, after this if you haven’t already. 

This summer session is just 2 printmaker with microphones without YOU. Send us your creative question or show topics or questions to our email studionoizepodcast@gmail.com or on Instagram @StudioNoizePodcast. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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