Up Your Standards w/ Dr. Key Hallmon

Happy New Year from the ‘Yo! It’s a great time to make a new start, refine your path, and continue leveling up. 

Jasmine and Jamaal sit down with Dr. Key Hallmon. We talk about the origin of Village Market ATL, entrepreneurship, and staying true to your passion. This episode is FULL of gems and a perfect way to start off your year.

Jamaal’s 5 Tips for Artist 

  1. Settle in your own vision and set goals

  2. Researching spaces and places you want to be

  3. Enter the shows

  4. Merchandise 


Website: www.thevillagemarketatl.com

Email: hello@thevillagemarketatl.com

Instagram: @TheVillageMarketATL

Facebook: The Village Market ATL

Jasmine’s Inspirations: Millennium Tour 

Jamaal’s Inspiration: Richelieu Dennis turning Madam C.J. Walker’s mansion into a incubator for black women

Jasmine Williams